check list

Before doing anything to the bike I have went to the UT library to check out books about motorcycles and needless to say they didn’t have much. I ended up checking out around 7 books and that was a little over half of what they had. I began shifting through this on book and found a lot of things that would be helpful in my project. The book is

    by:Le Roi Smith

Here is a check list that the writer suggested to do before working on the bike.

• make a list of all the things that need repair or replacement

• divide list into two parts
-things that I can do at home
-things that have to be done by a shop

• common items that need replaceing
-missing bolts or washers
-control cables that are worn
-electrical troubles are common on bikes that have been sitting for for a while check all electrical work

• get a repair manual for bike

Simple shop rules to follow that save time and money.

• keep work area clean

• engine, transmission, and running gear can be harmed if dirt or grit get inside

• make sure the correct tools are on hand when the job is started

• unless the correct replacement parts are on hand, taking the bike apart won’t help you much

• when taking parts of bike set them aside in order so that you can put them back with greater ease

• if you think you won’t remember which way you took something apart, write it down

• give bike a look over and look for missing bolts and things

• check chain, sprocket, and wheel bearings

• look at the nuts holding the axle onto the forks and swing-arm. damaged threads indicate that the previous owner didn’t take very good care of the bike and those parts may need replacing


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