design insperation/ideas

Here is the most resent inspiration. This link will take you to a University of Tennessee photo teacher’s website that I had last semester for a class and his photos are sweet!!!!! The link will take you to a theme and idea that might help me figure out how to document my project…Later at an unknown date. I was influenced by Baldwin Lee’s work and a class that I had a year ago and I came up with the idea of doing image transfers. Its cheap and I can make large formats that cover a lot of material on one page.


After watching some TED talks I decided that I should come up with a word that described my motorcycle.

    MONSTER– an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure, as from marked malformation or the absence of certain parts or organs.
    • adjective
    huge; enormous; monstrous

This word seemed to fit the for the similarities of the size of the engine and the nature in which the bike will be completed. When the motorcycle is finished it will lack parts that it had and will have parts that originally did not belong on the bike, but was made to fit. Since I had the word figured out I thought that I would look through TED talks to see if any of them talked about monsters and I came across the word COMPLEXITY. One of the lectures was about giant trees by Richard Preston and thought I should watch it. I found it very interesting. I learned that the giant redwoods have a much different environment in the tops compared to the forest floor.


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