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HUSQVARNA supermotard project

September 11, 2009

Time 14:33 I just got through putting some tags on this page and I was going through them clicking on them to see where they would take me. When I clicked on the “Husqvarna” tag it bought up a featured blog titled 1975 Husqvarna: The Torquer: Husky’s Renovated 460WR, then that took me to the cover of the magazine. After clicking on that it took me to Dads Vintage Ads so that you could purchase the magazine for $14.99. This website might have a magazine about my Husky so I will have to look at it more in the future.

15:25 roaming through bike exif website and ran across a motorcycle that truly has great craftsman ship. The bike looks as though it should belong in a Transformer movie, I have to say the motorcycle is truly sweet. The bike is a CBR1000F Hurricane 1987 and it has gone through a very extensive transformation.


This new site called Bike Exif is sweet, I found it a couple of days ago! Looking through it I saw this sweet bobber. Reading more into it the builder is a mechanic for a dirt bike race team and was able to build this “vintage racey” bike without any previous knowledge on Triumph motorcycles.


I was roaming through ffffound and i ran across this sweet car and it came from this website and thought I would put the link up so that when I have more time I can go back and check it out.


2-8-10 time 16:02 I asked my teacher if he could point me to some projects that I could look at to help me with this project and here is Tedtalk 1 and Tedtalk 2. Time 21:00 I was trying to come up with ideas for the form of the project when I come up with the word MONSTER and i got on TED talks and was looking for things that might be in common with the word monster. Then I came across the word COMPLEXITY, and saw a lecture on giant tress by Tedtalk 3 Richard Preston and thought I should watch it. I found it very interesting. I learned that the giant redwoods have a hole different environment in the tops. It is like a hole other word.

    Tedtalk 1
    Chris Bangle says great cars are Art

Here Chris Bangle is talking to an audience about how Cars are Art and they are an expansion of ones self.

    Tedtalk 2
    Vitruvian Paint Machine by:Conditional Design

Is a continuous video without sound of an event in a gallery space where the visitors participate. The rules are all based on the proportions of the human body and the interaction with the visitors.

    Tedtalk 3
    Richard Preston on the giant trees


2-5-10 time 14:28 I was working on my facebook page and I ran off onto a article on supermotard bikes. It talks a little about the history of the sport and the different classes. Then going into how you could set up a bike to begin riding. Click here to read more.


1-26-10 time 15:40 I am want to start working on the bike now and I think that I want to make sure it runs before I do anything to it. Before I could even try to start the bike I needed clean gas. So I did a google search on clean metal gas tank and came to a guy named Hunter. Here is what he has:

1.On the first tank I poured in about 1/4 gallon of carburetor cleaner and let it sit for two days, sloshing it around once or twice a day. I then took it to the car wash and used a power sprayer to spray all the gunk out. Came out nice and shiny inside! This method works great, but carb cleaner is kinda expensive.

2.On the second tank I used about 1/4 gallon of acetone. I let it sit for two days, then put a dozen large bolts in the tank and shook it for about 5 minutes. Then took it to the carwash and hosed it out with a power sprayer. Worked great. Tank came out nice and shiny and I didn’t even blow myself up.

3. On the final tank I didn’t use any cleaner. I put about 1/2 inch of water in the tank and dumped in the bolts. Shook 3 different times for about 10 minutes each time. Then went to the carwash and power sprayed it. While it didn’t work quite as well as the other two methods, it still worked remarkably well. Only very small traces of the varnish remained. No sediment remained. I am confident that with a couple more sessions of shaking the bolts inside the tank this method would have worked just as well as the first two methods.

Hopefully this helps somebody. Just remember to be careful with flamable liquids and don’t blow yourself up. It might be a good idea to use marbles instead of bolts so you don’t initiate a spark.

While I was writing this entry I started to think that I want to take a profile picture of bike with everything on it before I do any thing to it. And I need to take a lot of paper home so that I can get ride of the background. My goal for this week is to clean out gas tank and maybe the carburetor. By the weekend I would like to starting the motorcycle.

    On a later date:

After my Dad and I were looking at the gas tank we came to the conclusion that it was alumni and it didn’t have any build up inside it. But I can’t say that for the carburetor which wasn’t that bad to clean but the hardest part was putting the thing back together. As for the profile picture of the motorcycle you can find it on my flickr account in the Set labeled Senior Project.


1-20-2010 time 14:16. I found something that might allow me to further my documentation by joining but I haven’t really looked at it yet so it might not be worth the time of day or it could be very helpful. Oh while I was looking for gas caps I thought of instead of buying one I could just cut out one from a wrecked gas tank and weld it onto mine. Today is 1-21-10 time 16:18 and I saw another add on Superbikeclub and it talked about how you can rent a motorcycle for as low as 25 per day with full tank and full comprehensive insurance.

    On a later date:

Well after looking at sport bike club website a couple of time I feel that I would not be able to benefit from it cause I would not be able to devote enough time into it to get anything out of it. I have enough of things to keep up I don’t need another online identity. I have joined several facebook groups and pages like Café Racer and Bobbers that I don’t really keep up with that much. Every now and then I will go and look at the new photos but thats about it.


12-28-09 time 15:07. Christmas is always nice giving and receiving seeing the people around you happy. One of the things I got this Christmas was some money, which is always a very good thing. The day after Christmas I went to Borders Book Store and bought myself four motorcycle magazines. The magazines are; Visor Down Dec. 09, Super Bike Dec. 09, The Horse Dec. 09 – Jan. 10, and Fast Bikes Jan. 10. Each one of these had either an article or a motorcycle that I was interested in reading more about which was reason for purchas. Each one I will go into more depth on what I am interested in time to come, but now I will give you a little on the Fast Bikes magazine. One of the reason I was drawn to this magazine was a little book titled Legal Bible Your Pocket Guide to Avoiding Penal Servitude.


12-09-09 time 10:44. I forgot to put up that I added more photos of some bikes to my inspiration set on flickr.


12-06-09 time 23:54. I know I have not been getting on that much to update this but I am just letting you all know that I have put an inspiration set on my flickr and there are some cool bikes. One of them that I really like and would like to know how they created is motorcycle 3. I have read a little about it somewhere and I know that they used a BMW engine and that is all that I can recall.


Day Oct. 20 2009 time 19:20. I have added a new page to the blog called check list and it was inspired by a book that I have been looking at to help me with the bike.


Day Oct. 18 2009 time 19:29. I know that I need to be posting more and I promise I will work on that. Lately I have been looking up different pages and groups on facebook that look to be useful or just a source of inspirational motorcycles. I think that I will be making a page or group of my own also as a form of documentation for my project. Doing this could create more opportunities’ for feed back or help that is outside of my group of friends and classmates.


The day is Oct. 1, 2009 time 18:45. I am sitting in a class room waiting for an art lecture to start and a day or two ago I was told that the school semester is almost halfway done and I haven’t even started taking the motorcycle apart. I am starting to worry that I might be getting behind schedule. I have spent the past two weekends just trying to get my garage ready for the project, making room and cleaning out. I don’t know about some of you but like my Dad and me we like to hold onto things. So we can’t even fit a car in it for all of the junk that is packed from top to bottom.


May 7, 12:53 still no email, don’t think I’ll be getting one.

Today Sept. 22 18:10 I sent an email to husqvarna asking what year and make my husqvarna is. This dirt bike has been sitting in my dads garage for at least 10 years and he aquire it from a guy and it was his sons dirt bike. It had been sitting in his garage for years also don’t know how long though but he wanted to get ride of it and my dad said he would take it. So there is not much known about this bike. It is going to be my senior thesis project to turn this old dirt bike into a crazy monster supermotard bike.